Thursday 18 November 2010


Surfs up

Surfing to success. We can learn a lot from surfers. They understand that in order to get what you want you have to be patient, selective and brave.  You’ll never catch a serious surfer running into the ocean, board under arm, scrambling to ride the first wave they see. A seasoned pro will select which part of the ocean they will enter. They will cooly enter the water and prepare themselves on their board. The pro will exercise patience and wait for the right wave. In the blink of an eye they’ll pursue the wave, mount their board and ride the surf.
Marketers should apply the same principles when exploiting trends in their own market sectors. Come on, lets be honest not everyone is a trendsetter, however you don’t have to create a trend in order to make money from it. In fact if you can learn how to exploit emerging trends like surfers ride emerging waves. By Trendsurfing your brand can begin to systematically cash in on cool.
Cash in on cool. A trend is cool personified. A successful trendsurfer exploits an up coming trend and knows when to break free from it before its appeal declines. As they leave one trend they are constantly on the look out for the next. A skilled trend surfer moves from one trend to the next, knowing they don't have to create a trend to profit from it. Not every trendwave is right for your brand. A successful trend surfer knows his or her brand very well and will only surf when there is real synergy between what they offer and what is popular at that time. 
So how can you benefit from trendsurfing? We’ve put together eight simple tips to help marketers and or entrepreneurs benefit from emerging trends in their market.
8 Trendsurfing tips
1. Be clear about what you want to achieve from trendsurfing. Cash? fame? infamy?...
2. Research! Spend a little time finding out the specific costs and potential rewards. 
3. Separate trends from fads. Trends take time to develop. Fads are overnight successes.
4. Only select a trend that fits your brand’s attitude and style. 
5. Be brave. Don’t be put off by the scale of the trend or who you will be up against.
6. Whilst exploiting a trend keep an eye out for other emerging trends to move onto.
7. Make sure you promote your activity. Your customers must know what you are doing. 
8. When returns begin to level out start to scale down activity and exit the trend.
Next week: we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of desire and reveal the principles of Desire. You’ll find out what they are and how your brand can benefit from the awesome power of desire.
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